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Noom vs. GOLO: Which Diet Works Better?

If you have been trying to lose weight recently, you may know how difficult the process is.

There are many ways of losing weight and diet plans are some of the most popular in this regard. There are dozens of weight-loss diets out there with some focusing on reducing your appetite and others restricting calories, fat, and carbs.

The latest research shows that people who follow a proven program have a better chance of losing excess weight than people who don’t follow any program. With so many diet plans out there, how will you choose the right diet plan to lose excess weight?

Our extensive research shows Noom and Golo to be two of the most effective diet programs on the market today. These two diet programs are proven to help you lose excess body weight effectively.

Both these programs have their unique features which let them stand out from the rest of the competition in the industry when it comes to effective weight loss.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Noom and Golo: Two of the most effective weight loss diet programs out there.

1. Noom: An Overview

noom overview

Noom (read our Noom review to learn more) is a weight loss app and personalize meal-planning service that became the most Googled diet plan in 2019 with over 45-million users [1].

You can download the app on your smartphone or tablet. The app focuses on making more tangible and sustainable lifestyle shifts to lose weight at a gradual rate rather than focusing on more extreme styles of meal plans.

Most people know that extreme-style diet programs don’t work because they are not sustainable in the long run.

Cutting down on specific food groups or nutrients altogether will not let you lose weight effectively because your body is already addicted to some of these food groups and nutrients.

The Noom health app is designed by a team of professionals including nutritionists, behavioral psychologists, and personal trainers – who knows the importance of making small and sustainable lifestyle shifts to lose weight effectively in the long run.


The Noom app lets you:

  • Generate a highly personalized calorie breakdown plan based on a series of lifestyle questions answered by the user
  • Tracking the foods you eat by scanning barcodes and searching a database
  • Interactive quizzes and articles to let the user stay motivated
  • Provide one-on-one health coaching to answer important questions
  • Biometric tracking to track your blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight

The main goal of the app is to trick your body into developing healthy habits quickly.

People who have been using the app have claimed that they have lost an average of 18 pounds in just 16 weeks after adopting a healthy lifestyle over time.

The best thing about this app is it encourages the user to eat whole foods by recommending more nutrient-dense meals and snacks as much as possible.

The app does this by taking a quiz that asks important questions such as:

  • How much weight do you want to lose?
  • Your current medical history
  • Demographics factors
  • Your current lifestyle choices and whether you are an active person

An algorithm is used to breakdown your personalized energy needs and how many calories you need from protein, carbs, and fats.

How it Works

Think Noom looks like the right diet for you?

Noom helps you lose weight fast by creating a caloric deficit. You will consistently consume fewer calories than you burn each day.

The app will estimate your daily caloric needs by taking into consideration your age, gender, height, weight, lifestyle choices, demographics, and medical history.

Depending on how much weight you plan to lose during a specific timeframe, Noom will use an algorithm to estimate your caloric needs each day. The app will not permit a daily calorie budget below 1,400 calories for men and 1,200 calories for women for safety reasons.

Daily weigh-ins and food loggings are two self-monitoring features encouraged by the app for long-term weight loss and maintenance.

Any reduced-calorie diet plan will help you lose weight if you can stick to it over time. But many people find it difficult to stick to some diet plans because they cut off whole groups of food and nutrient sources.

That is where Noom is different.

Noom doesn’t employ such drastic measures of restricting whole groups of food sources. You can have your favorite foods in reduced quantities when you use this app.

Noom succeeds where most diet plans have failed due to this reason.

Who Should Consider Noom?

Noom is one of the most effective diet programs on the market today.

Noom is ideal for anyone who needs to lose weight fast and has a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. It’s a technology-based virtual platform available only on mobile devices.

The app has a messenger system to deliver all communication from health coaches. It has a virtual support team to hold you accountable and help achieve your weight loss goals.

The latest research emphasizes on receiving regular coaching – whether in-person or virtual – to lose weight fast and effectively.

How to Join?

You can download the app and subscribe to a monthly or annual plan to join the Noom diet plan. Each Noom diet program will last for a set number of weeks, and you pay for the entire session of the program when joining.

Once you have gone through the entire program, you can cancel if you wish to.

The program is designed to break your bad eating habits and develop new healthy habits and move on.

2. GOLO Diet: An Overview

GOLO overview

The Golo diet program was one of the most sought-after diet programs in 2016 [2]. It focuses on a calorie-controlled diet plan with unprocessed foods and regular exercises.

The program has been developed by professionals such as doctors, nutritionists, and pharmacists. They have conducted extensive research before developing this effective weight loss diet plan.

The company claims that it has helped over one-million people lose weight with the Golo diet.

The diet plan is available in 30, 60, and 90-day programs for purchase. The plan claims to kick-start the metabolism, increase energy levels, and help lose weight by way of balancing your hormone levels. The diet plan is based on low glycemic index foods that don’t spike your blood sugar or insulin levels. It helps increase metabolism, lose weight, and burn fat at the same time.

How it Works

The Golo diet encourages you to consume healthy whole foods and workout regularly to lose weight fast and effectively.

In addition to a healthy meal and exercise, you need to take the GOLO Release supplement – which is the cornerstone of the diet plan.

This is what makes this diet plan different and effective compared to most of the other diet plans out there.

The supplement contains three primary ingredients such as chromium, zinc, and magnesium. Chromium supports glucose control while magnesium helps restore insulin resistance. Zinc is another ingredient that is helpful in losing weight fast.

The release supplement includes a proprietary blend of several herbal compounds such as Salacia bark extract, apple fruit extract, gardenia extract, Berberine HCl, Rhodiola, Inositol, and Banaba leaf extract – all which are supposed to aid in effective weight loss.

Who Should Consider GOLO?

Anyone who wants to lose weight fast and effectively should consider purchasing this weight loss program. You will make an initial investment based on the amount of weight you want to lose.

Where to Join

You can join the program by visiting the official Golo website or any other affiliate site.

Price Comparison

The Golo Diet plan comes in 3 categories such as a 30-day plan costing $50, a 60-day plan costing $80, and a 90-day plan costing $100. The first purchase will be exempt from shipping fees. It is recommended that you take the supplement until you reach your weight loss goal.

The Noom Diet program has a monthly plan that starts at $59. The annual membership is only $199. The annual plan is fairly reasonable compared to most of the other diet programs on the market today.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Best Plan for You

If you are searching for the best diet plan out there, you have come to the right place. Noom and Golo are two of the best diet plans on the market today. Both of these programs have their own pros and cons.

Our top pick?

We’d start with Noom…

They’re currently offering a free two-week trial, which pretty much makes it a no-brainer. Learn more below:


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  2. https://www.golo.com/

Noom Review: How it Works, Pros & Cons, Customer Complaints

Studies show 69.3% of America’s population has access to a smartphone and/or mobile device [1].

This means more and more Americans are starting to appreciate the inclusion of technology in their day-to-day routines. Whether it’s using a laptop, making calls on a smartphone, or eating the right way, everything is interlinked with technology.

Keeping this in mind, there’s been a noticeable increase in high-quality diet apps including the Noom Diet app.

This review will take a detailed look at the Noom Diet app, how it works, and whether or not it’s the right fit for beginners.

What is Noom?

The Noom Diet app was created by a team of behavioral psychologists, personal trainers, and nutritionists.

The idea was to create a world-class diet app that would personalize this experience down to the last detail.

It would ensure users didn’t have to learn on their own when it came to losing fat or becoming healthier.

To do this, a specialized app was created to emphasize a change in lifestyle where users eat better and healthier.

With this app, users can easily fill personalized questionnaires as the app begins to piece together what works best for their goals and current physical profile.

It aims to look past dramatic dietary choices such as starvation and other unhealthy solutions users implement as a last resort.

Starting as low as $20 per month [2], this is an all-encompassing dietary app that balances technology with educated nutrition.

When this app was designed, the goal was to include the following qualities:

  • Comprehensive food tracking using a built-in database
  • Customized lifestyle and dietary questionnaires
  • Complete caloric breakdown of each food choice
  • In-Depth journaling of weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, and physical activity
  • Personalized 1-on-1 coaching with a specialist

It took a while for the Noom Diet app to come together but it eventually became a star-studded solution with loads of top-tier personal trainers and psychologists on board.

How Does it Work?

The Noom Diet app provides full access once a member signs up. This includes implementing a series of steps that have to be completed before a tailor-made dietary plan is put together.

It’s important to follow the steps as mentioned by the diet app to make sure the right changes are implemented from day one.

These steps include:

  • In-Depth Demographic Profiling
  • Structured App Settings
  • Access to Experienced Coaches
  • Tailor-Made Plans
  • Complete Database of Foods

By following these steps, users will start to understand what foods are allowed and what’s not.

This will also include allowing members to play around with different features including 1-on-1 health coaching.

It’s all about taking the information filled out by the member, providing a diet plan to meet their goals, and then following up through regular coaching sessions.

It’s an all-in-one diet app that allows members to feel in control of their dietary intake.

Primary Features

1. Fully-Integrated App

It starts with an all-encompassing app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

A significant amount of time has been spent designing the app and it shows through the finer details. Whether it’s the sleek interface, fast speeds, or unlimited information, everything about the app feels top-notch.

This quality is impossible to beat when it comes to other diet apps on the market. It’s simply the best in terms of its user interface.

2. 1-on-1 Health Coaching

While a diet plan is wonderful, it’s also important to learn more about how to make adjustments throughout the year.

The Noom Diet app separates itself from the competition through this incredibly useful coaching feature.

Members can quickly sign up for a session and gain access to someone with years of qualified experience.

3. Food Tracker and Journal

The food tracking feature is something technology has made easier than ever before. As a result, The Noom Diet app makes things as simple as they need to be.

This includes providing access to a database filled with up to 150,000 food items that can be scanned and updated. Members simply walk up to the food they’re eating, look for the barcode, and scan it using their mobile device.

This is all it takes to have the item recorded in the app and synced with your diet plan.

This is empowering for those who have never had the opportunity to track their dietary intake.

4. Interactive Articles and Quizzes

Learning is a big part of what makes this app unique and worthwhile.

Members are continually provided with access to some of the world’s finest articles. These articles shed light on dietary trends, food options, and what changes a member can make to improve their results.

It’s all about motivating this life-changing journey that members go through to achieve their goals.

Along with the in-depth articles, this app also offers a long list of quizzes to keep members engaged. These quizzes allow members to personalize their profiles further throughout the year.

Why Noom Coaching Works

There are several reasons for why their 1-on-1 coaching sessions work.

It’s about experiencing the value of customized diet plans through the eyes of a certified professional. These coaches are the real deal and are the biggest asset this app has to offer when it comes to improving your results.

Each coaching session includes:

  • Personalized Dietary Planning
  • Assessment of the User’s Dietary History
  • Customized Adjustments
  • Goal Setting
  • + More

By gaining access to one of these coaches, members can easily tailor their diet down to the last detail.

The coach readily offers advice based on your goals and takes the time to shed light on little tricks that make your life easier.

Noom Pros & Cons


1. User-Friendly App

Before anything else, the Noom Diet app has to be applauded for its user-friendly interface.

The interface is beautiful, easy to use, and perfectly designed for your dietary needs. Whether it’s the exceptionally fine-tuned database, impressive food tracker, or interactive articles, everything about the diet app is picture-perfect.

They have spent a lot of time piecing things together and it shows through the app.

It takes no more than a few minutes to have the app up and running once you’re a member. The simplicity of its design is something you can’t beat on the open market.

2. Emphasizes Nutrient-Dense Foods

The biggest factor in your diet is the food selection.

You have to eat the right foods, otherwise, your journey is going to fall flat on its face. This is a legitimate concern all members have with modern diet apps, but that’s not an issue here.

The Noom Diet app does an excellent job of emphasizing the importance of “nutrient-dense” foods from day one.

It offers access to a variety of food groups and makes sure the diet plan includes something from each group.

These food groups include:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Whole Grains
  • Healthy Snacks

Being able to eat a well-rounded diet is a major advantage on your journey to a sustainable lifestyle.

3. Ideal for Beginners

Beginners need to choose a diet app that’s easy to understand and doesn’t overwhelm them with information.

The reason this app does well has to do with its simple user-interface. Everything is implemented through a step-by-step process including the initial questionnaires. This simplifies the process and makes it easier for beginners to get started.

Plus, the Noom Diet app is wonderful in providing 1-on-1 coaching for those requiring additional assistance. It’s a wonderful option to have in your back pocket as a member when it comes to learning more about your dietary choices.

4. Personalized Coaching

The coaching sessions are a big part of what makes this diet app special.

Each coach has been around for years and has exceptional experience when it comes to helping clients. They understand the ins and outs of nutrition better than others in the world of dieting.

This makes it easier to learn more about what works for your goals and your plan.

Having access to this information is empowering and a great way to push forward.

5. Massive Food Database

The database is a hidden advantage of this diet app.

It offers 3.7 million+ food options allowing members to easily and efficiently add items to their food tracker. Having this option is essential in your weight loss journey because tracking calories is imperative.

Beginners often lose track of what they are eating but the Noom Diet app keeps everyone on pace to see results. Having this database in your pocket at all times is also a great way to see what you can and cannot eat.

It empowers members to learn more about their dietary options rather than getting pigeon-holed into a specific set of foods.


1. Lacks 24/7 Coaching

While this isn’t a dealbreaker, it’s something to keep in mind as a member.

You are not going to have access to coaching at all times of the day. This means it’s important to set aside time during business hours to gain access to a qualified coach.

This works for some and doesn’t for others.

However, if you are someone that wants to receive coaching at odd hours of the night, the Noom Diet app won’t offer those options. As a result, you need to find time during the day to get the most out of the app’s coaching feature.

2. Some Consider it Costly

Coming in at a minimum of $49 per month, this is a pricey endeavor for those who want to make a lifestyle change.

Yes, it is going to be costly at first but the value is excellent with all things considered.

The long list of features stands out for those who want to find a good deal.

It’s meant for those who want to ensure they find a way to shed weight quickly and safely. If you want something better than the average diet app then the investment is nothing, especially when you factor in the high-value coaching sessions.

3. Lacks Nutritional Tracking for Food Entries

This is a concern for those who want to learn more about the nutrients going into their body. While the Noom Diet app does a wonderful job of adding nutrient-dense food options to your plan, it doesn’t offer relevant tracking information regarding those nutrients.

For example, let’s assume you eat a banana and want to add it to the food journal.

The app will only record the number of items you have eaten (i.e. bananas) and how many calories were in each banana.

You will not receive information regarding important nutrients such as protein, potassium, or magnesium. This leaves you out of the loop in some cases regarding what’s going into your body.

Even though you will get used to it, it’s still a small flaw that holds the app back.

Real Customer Testimonials: Positive and Top Complaints

Positive Testimonials

The Noom Diet app is a market leader because of its members.

The app is heralded for offering a slew of quality features and providing value every step of the way. Whether it’s the interactive quizzes, top of the line coaching sessions, or large database, members are in love with what they gain access to.

This is essential when it comes to losing weight and staying fit year-round.

Complaints: What are Bad Noom Reviews Saying?

The only complaint that has come through about the app has to do with its price. There’s an initial financial commitment for those wanting access to this high-quality diet app.

Review Summary

The Noom Diet app is an all-encompassing solution for those looking to shed fat and feel healthier. It’s engaging, uniquely designed, and user-friendly ensuring members get to enjoy each minute with the app.

Whether it’s the personalized coaching sessions, exceptionally detailed database, or the health-conscious tips, everything about the Noom Diet app is world-class. The team behind this app has spent quite a bit of time recognizing what members require on their journey to a healthier self and it shows each step of the way.

For those looking to invest in a well-designed diet app, this is among the best options on offer right now. It’s versatile, specialized, and perfect for those who want to implement a comprehensive lifestyle change.

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Noom vs. Keto: Which Diet Works Better?

Diet trends have changed considerably over the years.

While weight loss is still a priority for many people, people are also invested in eating healthy foods. Beyond that, people want diets that work. Fad diets are a thing in the past.

Today’s dieters are looking to make lasting changes to the way that they eat.

Noom and the ketogenic (keto) diet are some of the most popular diet options in 2020. Both types of diets are designed to help people make lifestyle changes.

These diets can be effective for weight loss, but they don’t encourage dieters to starve themselves. Instead, these diets ask people to make smarter food choices.

Both the Noom and keto diets have their own pros and cons. If you’re trying to decide between these two diets, these are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Noom: An Overview

noom coaching app

Noom is a personalized diet plan that revolves around an app. The program, which was designed with help from behavioral psychologists, is designed to help people work towards goals and make healthy food choices.

For 16 weeks, users will be able to learn more about their eating habits and change them for the better.

How it Works

When someone signs up for Noom, they’ll be asked quite a few questions about their current eating habits, lifestyle, and goals.

These questions will be used to create a personalized diet plan that’s designed to help participants work towards those goals.

The Noom diet doesn’t tell people what they can and can’t eat. Instead, it color-codes foods and separates them into different categories.

Green foods are the healthiest choices.

These foods should be a staple in any healthy diet. Red foods are unhealthy choices that could be consumed in moderation. Yellow foods fall somewhere in between these two categories.

These foods often have a lot of nutritional value, but they shouldn’t necessarily play a major role in your diet.

With Noom, it’s easy to track what you’re eating and see how healthy — or unhealthy — your food choices are.

Noom has a huge database of foods to search from, and you can even scan the barcodes of the foods in your fridge.

If you notice you’ve been eating a lot of yellow and red foods, you can make a point of eating more green foods that day.

Noom also provides you with quizzes and informative articles that can teach you more about the psychology behind our food choices.

If you occasionally binge eat, or if you’ve failed to stick with any of the diets you’ve tried in the past, Noom can help you to figure out why.

That’s why this diet program is so successful.

Coaching is Key

When you sign up for Noom, you won’t be on your own. You’ll receive one-on-one assistance from a coach.

You can turn to the coach for feedback and advice, and they can also be an excellent source of motivation.

In addition to your personal coach, you’ll be placed in a group with other dieters. You can talk with other group members and share your experiences.

You can even send private messages to anyone that’s a part of the group.

A lack of accountability is one of the reasons that so many people fail when they try to diet. When you sign up for Noom, you’ll have a coach, and you’ll be part of a team as well.

Even if you’re struggling to stick to a diet, you’ll be able to get the support that you need.

Who Should Consider Noom?

Noom is ideal for anyone that’s looking for a flexible diet plan.

Because Noom is tailored to your needs, you can make sure that your diet works for you.

If you’re a vegetarian, or if you avoid gluten, you’ll be able to use Noom to find great options that meet your needs.

Noom is also a terrific choice for people that haven’t had success with diets in the past.

The Noom app provides a wealth of information and reinforcement. Because you’ll be working with a coach, you’ll always be able to get extra encouragement when you need it.

When you use this program, you’ll be able to make tangible and lasting changes to the way that you eat.

How to Join

If you’re curious about Noom, and you’d like to learn more, you can try the program for free for 14 days.

Once you download the app on your phone, you’ll be able to sign up for the program and kick off your free trial.

As mentioned above, you’ll be asked to answer a few questions so that Noom can come up with a plan that works for you. After you complete this part of the process, you’ll be able to kick off your 16-week program.

If you decide that you want to stick with Noom, you’ll be able to choose the right payment schedule for you. You have the option of paying on a monthly, bi-monthly, or even annual basis. Noom offers all kinds of options, and it’s incredibly easy to get started.

Keto: An Overview

keto diet

“Keto” is short for the ketogenic diet.

This diet asks you to dramatically cut your carb intake while eating lots of healthy fats.

Although the diet was originally created to treat people with epilepsy, many people have found that it’s effective for weight loss!

Meat, seafood, avocado, and coconut oil are some of the foods that you’ll be encouraged to eat on this diet.

Since the diet requires you to seriously limit your carb intake, you may need to give up things like rice and pasta while you’re on this diet.

How Does Keto Work?

The goal of the keto diet is to get the body to enter ketosis, which causes it to burn fat rather than carbohydrates. To do this, you’ll want only 5-10% of the calories you eat to come from carbs. When you do eat carbs, you’ll want them to come from high-fiber fruits and vegetables, such as:

Approved Carbs

  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Celery
  • Bell Peppers
  • Cucumber
  • Eggplant
  • Spinach

Approximately 10% to 20% of your calories should come from protein.

The bulk of your calories, however, should come from high-fat foods, such as:

High-Fat Food Supplemental Keto Food

  • Olive Oil
  • Nuts and Nut Butter
  • Avocado
  • Flaxseed
  • Chia Seeds

Foods to Avoid on Keto

You’ll also need to avoid many foods, like:

  • Beans
  • Grains
  • Sugars
  • Most Fruits
  • Trans Fats
  • Beer (Alcohol Should be Consumed in Moderation)

Although keto requires people to dramatically change the way they eat, it’s still a very popular diet. If you do decide to give this diet a try, you’ll have plenty of resources available to you.

Best Way to Do Keto: Are There Commercial Keto Programs to Follow?

It’s possible to try the keto diet on your own, but you may have an easier time if you use some sort of commercial program.

There are all kinds of keto apps available, including Carb Manager, 8fit, and the Ketogenic Diet Plan.

Of course, if you do decide to follow a commercial program, you don’t necessarily need to use a program that was specifically designed with keto in mind.

Some diet programs are more flexible, which means you can use these programs while following a ketogenic diet.

Who Should Consider Keto?

People with certain health problems can benefit greatly from this diet. As mentioned above, it was created to help epilepsy patients. Some studies also suggest the diet can aid people with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or metabolic syndrome.

This diet is also a great option for people that feel like they need firm rules in order to change the way that you eat. If restricting what you eat helps you to make better food choices, you might find that this diet plan works well for you.

Can You Do the Keto Diet on Noom?

As mentioned above, one of the best things about Noom is that it’s compatible with so many different types of diets.

It’s more than possible to use Noom when you’re sticking to a keto diet.

A lot of people struggle with keto in the early changes, which is why an information-rich app like you can be so helpful.

When you sign up for Noom, you can specify that you’re following this diet plan.

You’ll be able to use the massive food database on Noom to find keto-friendly foods to eat.

Your coach and team will also be able to provide a lot of feedback and guidance.

Summary: Is There a Clear Winner?

Since it’s possible to follow the keto diet with Noom, it’s clear that the Noom app is the best choice for dieters.

Whether or not you opt to give keto a try or follow a less restrictive diet, you’ll benefit greatly from all of the features that Noom has to offer.

When you use Noom, you’ll get everything you need to lose weight.

You’ll have access to information, coaching, tracking tools, and so much more.

Virtually anyone that wants to slim down and improve their health will be able to see results with Noom.

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