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South Beach Diet Cost: How Much is Frozen Food Menu?

If you are searching for a diet that will work effectively for you and your lifestyle, then price is going to be one of the things that you need to take into account.

Meal plans, where you get food delivered to you, will replace a lot of the money that you spend on food, but there are some expenses to consider all the same, in addition to the monthly fee.

One of the most popular diets at the moment in the meal delivery space is the South Beach Diet. It bears some similarities to Nutrisystem, and it is very convenient.

Convenience is nice, but let’s look at the daily, weekly and monthly costs of the diet so you can figure out whether it will actually fit into your budget.

How Much Does South Beach Diet Really Cost?

To work out the cost of the South Beach Diet you need to take into account the cost of the meal delivery, and then the cost of groceries for the DIY meals that are also included in the plan.

If you ever eat out, that will be an additional cost.

The diet has three plan choices, and the main difference between them is the level of variety you get from the menu. Let’s look at the costs of the plans.

1. Price of Joining the Program

The South Beach Diet sends pre-portioned and prepared food to you. There are three plan levels, and you pay more to get better variety.

The plans are:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

If you take advantage of the 50% off coupon that is quite widely available, then as of February 2020 the prices were $7.97 per day ($223.07/month) for the Silver Plan, $9.07 per day ($253.84 per month) for the Gold Plan, and $9.87 per day ($276.92 per month) for the Platinum Plan.

2. Cost of Groceries & Meals Out

The meal plans cover most of your meals, but your diet plan will include two DIY breakfasts, lunches and evening meals per week.

How you use these is up to you. They can be cooked at home or you can go to a restaurant.

You also have the option of buying meal replacement bars or shakes, which are convenient, but will increase your expenses.

The shakes are $50 for 28 servings, for example and the bars are $20 for 10.

Unless you’re always on the go and want to make your DIY breakfast a ‘meal replacement shake’, it’s probably not worth it. In addition, there are more affordable options for those supplemental snacks.

Adding it All Up: What’s the Price for Everything?

If you take into account the cost of the extra meals and groceries, you’re looking at $16 to $17 per day, on average.

That works out at $480 a month if you’re a small woman, and $525 for the average man who wants to follow the diet and enjoy some ‘nice food’ for their DIY meals.

That is significantly more than the advertised price.

So, it’s clear that the South Beach Diet can become expensive quickly. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad choice, though. If the diet works for you and you don’t feel deprived doing it, then it makes sense to try it.

The question is, how do you get a good price?

The South Beach Diet Could Be Less Expensive Than You Think

The above monthly costs are the raw costs of the diet. To decide whether you’re willing to ‘spend that much money on a diet’ you should first work out how much money you’re spending on food. It may be more than you think!

The South Beach Diet replaces your existing spend on food.

If you’re comparing South Beach Diet with diet apps like Noom or Weight Watchers, then you’re making an unfair comparison because those apps don’t send you food deliveries so you still have to buy all your food.

If you log the amount of money you spend each week on food, you’ll quickly find that the cost of the “diet” comes down dramatically.

Most meal-delivery diets end up costing somewhere around $10 to $12 a day, or $300 to at most $350 a month.

There are exceptions, but South Beach Diet is pretty standard in terms of cost. It’s close to the price of Nutrisystem (right now it’s actually a bit cheaper).

The makers of the diets have worked out what people are willing to pay per month, and they’re not going to try to push their prices above that, because they would not be able to compete with all the major, and some of the smaller independent, competitors out there that all basically offer the same thing – food to your door.

So, knowing that, the question is, can you follow the program without a monthly commitment to a meal prepping service?

Yes – There is a Cheaper Way to Do the South Beach Diet!

If you don’t want to commit to subscribing to a meal delivery service and you want some extra freedom in terms of what you eat, why not buy the South Beach Diet Book?

This book costs around $10, and while you don’t get meals included, you do get a nice big list of recipes so you can prep the meals yourself.

If you enjoy cooking and you are willing to do your own shopping, it’s a good way to test the diet out and to save some money too.

There are some other options for people who like to cook, too. WW Digital and Noom Coach are app-based diet programs that let you cook your own dishes.

Wrapping it All Up…

The South Beach Diet can be expensive, but there are ways to make it cheaper.

If you are considering trying it, talk to your doctor first and then be sure to check out the 50% off coupon for some nice savings.

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