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South Beach Diet Alternatives: Cheaper Weight Loss Options?

Not everyone has time to prepare healthy meals at home. That’s why meal delivery diets, such as the South Beach Diet, are such a popular option.

While the South Beach Diet has a lot of fans, it’s not the best choice for all dieters.

Below, we’ll break down four of the best alternative options to South Beach Diet: Nutrisystem, Noom, Medifast, and Weight Watchers.

Cheaper Alternatives to South Beach Diet

One of the biggest issues people have with the South Beach Diet is its high cost. You’ll be paying around $339.99 per month, or around $12.33.

Nutrisystem: Our Top Cheaper Alternative

If you’re interested in a meal delivery diet but are looking for something cheaper, you’ll find that Nutrisystem is a great option.

Nutrisystem prices vary based on the plan you choose. Plans begin at $234.99 for women and $274.99 for men, making it substantially cheaper than the South Beach Diet.

If you plan to follow a meal delivery diet for several months or more, those savings will really add up.

Best Diet App Alternatives to South Beach Diet

Meal delivery diets can be very effective, but they’re not the best choice for all dieters. If you want a proven plan for weight loss, but would prefer doing your own meal prep and make your own meals, then a diet app may be a better alternative to South Beach Diet for you.

Noom is our top-rated diet app, and we suggest starting with them if you’re looking for one of the best in the business.

Noom also pairs you with a coach who can help you reach your goals. Learn more at their website:

With that in mind let’s look at some of our top South Beach Diet alternatives in more detail to give you a better idea of what might work for you. If you learn more about the top diet plans, you’ll be able to pick out a diet that fits your needs.

Top 4 Alternatives to South Beach Diet

  1. Nutrisystem
  2. Noom
  3. Medifast
  4. WW (Weight Watchers)

1. Nutrisystem

nutrisystem food

As mentioned above, Nutrisystem is a meal delivery diet system (see our Nutrisytem testimonial to learn more). Nutrisystem’s goal is to provide dieters with healthier, perfectly-portioned versions of the meals they love. While on the Nutrisystem diet, you’ll be able to enjoy things like pizza, cinnamon rolls, and so much more.

How it Works

Nutrisystem offers a range of plans, from the Basic plan to the Uniquely Yours plan. You’ll be able to choose from hundreds of pre-prepared meals and snacks and have them shipped to your home. Your selection will vary based on the plan that you choose.

Every day, dieters enjoy a breakfast, lunch, and dinner that Nutrisystem delivers to their door. Snacks are available as well. The diet is supplemented with fresh food and vegetables from the grocery store.

Nutrisystem’s goal is to make weight loss simple. When you’re on this diet, you won’t have to count calories or make food from scratch. You just have to eat the food that Nutrisystem sends to you.

Cheaper Than South Beach?

As mentioned above, Nutrisystem is a cheaper alternative to South Beach. The daily cost for South Beach dieters is $12.33, while Nutrisystem plans start at $8.39 daily. If you’re looking for a more affordable meal delivery diet, Nutrisystem is your clear choice.

Who Should Consider Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is ideal for diets that are interested in meal delivery diets but want something cheaper than the South Beach diet. It’s also a great plan for people that don’t want to give up their favorite comfort foods or desserts. Nutrisystem offers a range of food options that don’t feel restrictive at all.

Where to Join

You can enroll in a diet plan on the Nutrisystem website. If you decide that Nutrisystem isn’t right for you, you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee. Learn more below:

2. Noom

noom diet app

The Noom weight loss app (read our Noom review here) is designed to put personal diet coaches in your pocket. The app, which was designed by nutritionists and behavioral psychologists, is designed to help people make lasting lifestyle changes.

How it Works

Noom is designed to provide you with all of the resources you need to lose weight. The app offers a number of features, such as:

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • The ability to log foods by scanning bar codes
  • A coding system that teaches you to identify healthy foods
  • A personalized weight loss plan
  • Thousands of recipes

Every day, you’ll be assigned specific goals. You’ll be able to work towards those goals with the aid of your coach and your weight loss team.

With Noom, you’ll learn how to make smart food choices even when you aren’t using the app.

Noom provides an incredible level of support, particularly when compared to other apps that are in this price range.

You can talk to your coach at any time during Noom’s business hours, and you’ll always be able to get extra levels of support from your team. Many people struggle to stay motivated when diet, but Noom addresses that concern.

The Best App Alternative to South Beach Diet?

Many people opt for the South Beach Diet because they don’t know what to eat for weight loss. With Noom, choosing the right food is easy. Since Noom costs just $25 a month, it’s a much more affordable option.

You won’t be sent meals when you follow Noom, but you will be able to find out more about the foods that you normally eat. Because Noom allows you to scan bar codes, you can also eat pre-prepared foods while on the plan.

Who Should Consider Noom?

Meal delivery systems don’t work for all dieters. If you want to lose weight, but you don’t want to have food delivered, Noom is your best option.

Noom is perfect for people that want to make long-term changes to the way they eat. The app gives you plenty of guidance, but it also teaches you how to improve your eating habits.

Where to Join

You can sign up for Noom by downloading the Noom app to your smartphone or tablet. Noom offers a free two-week introductory trial period.

3. Medifast

medifast food

Medifast is another meal replacement program that ships meals and snacks to your home. The program, which has been around since the 1980s, has dieters eat small meals frequently throughout the day. Dieters will eat six meals and snacks in total each day.

How it Works

Because Medifast allows you to eat throughout the day, you won’t feel as hungry as you would normally feel on a calorie-restricted diet. Medifast has two different plans: GO! and Achieve.

The GO! plan is designed to help you lose weight as quickly as possible. The Achieve plan is less restrictive and is built around gradual, sustainable weight loss.

Price Comparison to South Beach Diet

Medifast can cost anywhere from $149 to $460, depending on the plan that you choose. The majority of plans cost approximately $400 a month, making this more expensive than the South Beach Diet. Many Medifast plans also require you to supplement with your own food.

Who Should Consider Medifast?

The Medifast GO! plan is ideal for busy people that want to see fast diet results. While this plan is more expensive than many alternatives, it’s an excellent diet plan for people with a packed schedule. On this plan, it’s easy to eat healthy on the go.

Where to Join

You can choose a Medifast plan and sign up on their website. You can also give Medifast your phone number and have them call you. During the call, you’ll be able to ask questions and enroll in a meal plan.

4. WW (Weight Watchers)


While Weight Watchers has been around since the 1950s, the company rebranded as “WW” in 2018. The company also made some changes to its time-tested diet plan.

How it Works

WW uses a simplified version of a calorie counting system so that you can keep track of what you eat each day. While on the program, you’ll be assigned “SmartPoints,” which you can spend on the foods and drinks you eat throughout the day.

As long as you stay below your SmartPoints number, you should see consistent, healthy weight loss.

What Makes it Different than the South Beach Diet?

This isn’t a meal delivery service. Instead, you’ll use the WW app to determine the SmartPoints values of different foods. As long as you stay below your SmartPoints number, you can eat whatever you want.

This plan is also much cheaper than the South Beach Diet. The digital plan costs $3.07 weekly, the Workshop + Digital plan is $6.92, and the Personal Coaching + Digital plan is 12.69 a week.

Who Should Consider WW?

This is a solid system for people that have struggled with calorie counting in the past. Because WW simplifies calorie counting, it’ll be easier for you to restrict calories on a daily basis. While it’s also a good option for people that want coaching and support, Noom’s coaching plans are the more affordable option.

Where to Join

If you want to join WW, you have a range of options. You can download the WW app or find an in-person workshop in your area. Currently, WW is offering free trials on select plans.


If you’d prefer a different kind of diet, Noom is an amazing option. This app stands out from other diet programs because it’s all about lasting results.

Noom provides all of the tools you need, from coaching to food tracking to recipes and educational articles at an incredibly affordable price.

See Noom current price.

Best Alternative? Nutrisystem

If you want to convenience of a meal delivery service, Nutrisystem is the best alternative to the South Beach Diet.

It’s a more affordable option, and it offers a wide range of foods and plans. With plans for vegetarians and diabetics, you should be able to find a plan that fits your needs.

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