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Nutrisystem for Men Review: Does it Work for Weight Loss?

Are you considering joining the Nutrisystem for Men program? Starting yourself on a new diet can prove invigorating and yet scary all at the same time, which means you need to know just what you’re in for.

Nutrisystem for Men, as the name implies, is a specific variant of their historically popular meal-delivery and diet service, but one that’s catered to the needs of men. In the TV ads they run, they make the claim that men can lose as many as 18 pounds in just the first four weeks. Still, does this make this diet the right choice for you?

Below, you can can find a few factors you should know about the program in order to decide if it’s right for your male personality and corresponding diet goals.

What is Nutrisystem for Men?

Every plan in this system is based on monthly deliveries of meals to your front door, meals based on ideally portioned and pre-packaged sizes. A huge component of this diet is the sheer convenience. You don’t have to track any points or calories.

You will know what to eat, and you will know when to eat.

It’s really just a matter of ‘heat and eat’, except for having to supplement the meals they send with fresh fruit and veggies.

How Does it Work?

  • Eat half a dozen small meals each day
  • Supplement those meals with your own fresh veggies and fruit
  • Get your snacks and meals (as many as 150 choices) delivered right to you each month
  • Enjoy up to four Flex Meals each week, which means eating out at healthy restaurants or cooking on your own using their online recipes
  • Your first week is a ‘body reboot’, and then you can lose as much as 8 inches and 18 pounds in one month, followed by 1 or 2 pounds every following week!

Nutrisystem Plans for Men

If you decide to join Nutrisystem, you can choose from three different plans (find more on our Nutrisystem Cost page).

  • Basic
  • Uniquely Yours
  • Uniquely Yours Plus

They start with the Basic plan, followed by the Uniquely Yours plan, and finally the Uniquely Yours Plus plan. Every one of these plan levels, aside from Dinners My Way, offers endless support, including online trackers and tools, and access to professional dietitians and counselors.

On the other hand, men need to be ready for paying more to get more frozen foods and menu variety overall.

Pro Tip: The ‘overall menu freedom’ of the Uniquely Yours plan fuels its high ratings. That means you get to mix and match 150 snack and meal options, including various frozen foods.

Every plan is based on foods high in fiber and protein, low in the bad carbs, as the glycemic index is a point of emphasis, and they show up in ‘perfect portions’.

The meals come ‘free’ each month through FedEx, and your customization options are valid online up to the moment of shipping.

Healthy Weight Loss for Guys?

Nutrisystem for Men has lots of protein and good carbs. There’s also a good amount of fiber, so users stay full longer than before…

Losing weight should be a good thing, but is this program actually healthy? In order to answer that, let’s look at daily amounts for multiple categories.

So, is the diet healthy?

As you now know, the program is very closely aligned with FDA RDAs for specific macronutrients like protein, carbs, and fats. As such, it’s likely pretty healthy, and it’s certainly healthier than the typical male diet in America, which is often more than 3,000 calories per day and high in both sodium and fat.

Before trying Nutrisystem Men should talk to their physician for recommendations in terms of daily supplements. Fiber, calcium, vitamin D, and fish oil are all great choices. They can also help you decide if you’re healthy enough for a diet like Nutrisystem.

Sample Food Menu For Guys

Are you curious about what sorts of food you’re actually going to eat when on this diet? Here’s a potential breakdown of daily meals on the Nutrisystem for Men diet:

Sample Day 1:

  • Breakfast: Nutrisystem’s Sweetened O’s cereal, A.M. snack, and a cup of non-fat yogurt
  • A.M. Snack: 1 apple, 1 low-fat cheese string
  • Lunch: Salad plus Nutrisystem Beans and Ham soup with cheese
  • P.M. Snack: Nutrisystem’s popcorn
  • Dinner: Nutrisystem’s Thick-Crust Pizza with mushrooms
  • Dessert: Nutrisystem’s White Chocolate Chunk cookies

Sample Day 2:

  • Breakfast: 1 hardboiled egg with an apple strudel bar
  • A.M. Snack: 1 cup of low-fat milk with whole-grain crackers
  • Lunch: Nutrisystem’s cheese tortellini, a pear, and a string of low-fat cheese
  • P.M. Snack: Nutrisystem’s milk chocolate-flavored pretzels
  • Dinner: Nutrisystem’s Mushroom Risotto and fresh asparagus
  • Dessert: Nutrisystem’s carrot cake

Would you like to see more of the sample daily menus? Nutrisystem put up a whole week’s worth of sample menus on their website so that you can get a good idea of what it’s all about.

Does it Actually Work for Weight Loss?

We can’t guarantee that Nutrisystem for Men is going to be effective for you, but what we can do is go over the reviews of male consumers, as well as expert ratings, in order to see if the odds are going to be in your favor at all.

What Are Real Guys Saying: Customer Testimonials is actually the best place to see genuine reviews, as verified consumers put up fresh testimonials almost daily. This resource is a great place to go over the opinions of fans and detractors alike as you try and figure out whether this diet is right for you or not.

You’ll likely notice, like we did, that you can’t sort the user ratings by gender. However, in our own research, we noticed that roughly 4 in 5 consumers, men and women alike, reported their overall satisfaction as being 4 of 5 stars, meaning ‘satisfied’ or even ‘very satisfied’.

It’s hard to give Nutrisystem for Men an actual success rate, but these largely positive reviews indicate that most men who use the program feel like it is effective. We’ve gone through hundreds of the reviews that men have left, and here are certain benefits and drawbacks we noticed:

A Few Benefits Noted By Men:

Convenience: The majority of the meals show up pre-portioned and already prepared, saving consumers serious time and effort. This contributes greatly to Nutrisystem’s popularity with busy adults.

Short-Term Reductions In Weight: This system is designed for quick results, and many reviews proudly proclaim how much they lost in just four weeks.

Structure: Many DIY diets fail because the users have way too much freedom. They also eat overly abundant portions. Nutrisystem for Men tells users what they eat, as well as when.

There’s no one diet that works for all men, so let’s look over frequent criticisms from men that didn’t care for:

Drawbacks From Many Men:

Cancellation Policy: You need to understand this prior to signing up. There’s a $125 cancellation fee, which you can only avoid during the first 30 days. After that, you’re required to pay and accept two whole months of the program at a time.

Limits To The Menu: Many men reported the limited choices getting tedious. Some wanted meals that were more ‘real’.

Taste Of The Food: This was some of the harshest criticism we read, as one user called this program the revenge of the TV dinner of yesteryear.

With every meal-delivery diet, you have to commit yourself to eat snacks and meals sent to you. It’s a disciplined approach, and this seems to be behind many negative reviews and user failures. It would seem that longer-term weight reduction might be a weakness in this program, as users get bored with the prepared food.

Let’s move on to what the experts have to say about Nutrisystem for Men:

Expert Ratings of Nutrisystem for Men

Specific user ratings and reviews of male consumers are crucial, but let’s take a moment to examine how one panel of experts weighed in on this diet:

Nutrisystem for Men rates highly in terms of shorter-term weight reduction, and yet it marks lower scores in regards to longer-term weight loss. This is consistent with how many male consumers rated the diet themselves.

It appears as if the convenience of the diet has two different sides. Some men abandon the diet simply because the whole ‘heat and eat’ aspect to the diet can get boring.

Actual Weight Loss Results?

Consumer reviews matter, and so too do expert ratings. However, on average, how much do men lose with this program? Nutrisystem has a known claim that in just the first two months, you might lose as many as 10 inches off of your waist and up to 18 pounds on your weight scales. They even support their claim using a study which showed 8-week averages of 9.8 inches and 15.4 pounds.

That study was done using 84 adults, of which 27 were male.

As we stated, the 40-percent off promotion is the best of the long-term deals. You can use other coupons or offers for a lower first-month price, but after that, they might go up after one to three months, possibly going up by even $50. This is the offer:

If you want to be sure that you don’t overpay for Nutrisystem for Men, make sure you register the 40-percent off promotion when you do the registration.

Our Conclusion:

Men’s Nutrisystem proves to be rather convenient as a diet option. As with the South Beach Diet and its own popularity, you are told when to eat and also what to eat. They also provide you with ‘perfectly portioned’ meals and snacks every month, with lots of fiber and protein. You only need to supplement the food sent to you with fresh fruits and veggies you get at your own local grocery store.

Is Nutrisystem for Men right for you? That depends on your own lifestyle and needs, making it a bit of a personal decision. Nutrisystem can be ideal for you if you don’t like cooking. It’s also great if you want a highly structured diet that emphasizes short-term weight loss.

Make sure that you consult your primary care physician prior to starting any diet, including this one. If you do make the decision to join up, then use the below offer to get a great monthly price:

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