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Nutrisystem Cost: How Much per Day, Week, Month?

How much does Nutrisytem cost?

We’re going to give you a complete breakdown below, but here’s a quick look at what you can expect to pay if you decide to join their new Personal Plans diet program:

Nutrisystem plans have a typical price tag of $8.57 per day for women, and $10.00 per day for men. This comes out to be about $239.99 per month for women, and $279.99 a month for men (source).

This prices depend on the promotion that is currently being offered, and customers are required to enroll in Nutrisystem’s auto-delivery program in order to secure their current discounts.

If you decline this option, expect to pay about 35% more per month for their service.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the plans they’re currently offering, and a pricing breakdown for each plan. Then, you should have a good idea of which of the Nutrisystem plans is going to best meet your needs and budget.

Nutrisystem Plans & Pricing Options: How Much for Basic, Uniquely Yours & Uniquely Yours Plus?


Basic is Nutrisystem’s cheapest plan. If you’re on a budget, and want their most affordable option, then this is the probably the plan for you.

The good news?

All of the Nutrisystem plans will help you lose weight, no matter which one you pick, you you’re in good hands no matter which one you go with.

Prices for Women

  • $8.57 per Day
  • $239.99 per Month

Prices for Men

  • $10.00 per Day
  • $279.99 per Month

What You Get

Basic comes with the following:

  • Week 1 body Reboot Kit
  • 28 Day Supply of Meals and Snacks
  • Chef’s Choice for Your Meals
  • Free NuMi Weight Loss App

Uniquely Yours

Uniquely Yours gets you access to Nutrisystem’s Personal Plans, as well as their largest menu, which includes their frozen meals.

It’s a bit more expensive the Basic, but for many people, the better food and larger menu makes it worth the extra few bucks.

Prices for Women

  • $10.36 per Day
  • $289.99 per Month

Prices for Men

  • $11.79 per Day
  • $329.99 per Day

What You Get

  • Everything in Basic, plus…
  • Option to Personalize It: Nutrisystem will triple-match a plan to your body type, goals, food preferences
  • Access to Nutrisystem’s largest menu
  • Access to Nutrisytem frozen food menu

Uniquely Yours Ultimate

This is Nutrisystem’s best plan, and gets you access to everything they have to offer.

If you’re looking for the best-of-the-best, this is it.

Prices for Women

  • $12.50 per Day
  • $349.99 per Month

Prices for Men

  • $13.93 per Day
  • $389.99 per Day

What You Get

Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours Ultimate comes with everything in Basic and regular Uniquely Yours, plus you get extra bars and shakes and meals.

Uniquely Yours Ultimate is considered their “fullproof” plan, and as such they provide 7 Nutrisystem breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks each week.

They say it gives you a shot at better results because all of the work is done for you.

Vegetarian Cost

The Nutrisystem Vegetarian plan is the same pricing as their regular Uniquely Yours plan. That means you can expect all of the same features and options, but a menu that is vegetarian.

Nutrisystem for Diabetics Cost

Nutrisystem D is an available option for all three of their main plans. That means customers who are pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes can get the following plans:

  • Basic
  • Uniquely Yours
  • Uniquely Yours Ultimate

Pricing remains the same, but the menu is designed to manage your type to diabetes, and has even been show to lower A1C by an average of 1.02%.

Grocery Costs

Nutrisystem recommends adding vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods to your meals, so there are typically some grocery costs you’ll want to factor in to your monthly budget.

While there isn’t an exact figure, you can estimate what you normally spend on ingredients for salads, and dinners sides each month to give you a pretty good idea on what you might spend on groceries while you’re on Nutrisystem

How Much is Nutrisystem at Walmart?

Walmart also sells Nutrisystem, but their Nutrisystem food is available in smaller 5-day weight loss kits, many of which include the following:

  • 5 Breakfasts
  • 5 Lunches
  • 5 Snacks

These can be an option for folks who just want to lose a small amount of weight over a 5 day period, but if you’re looking to make some serious changes, you’ll probably find that signing up at the Nutrisystem website is the better option.

Here’s how much the Nutrisystem 5 Day Weight Loss kits cost at last check:

  • Nutrisystem KickStart Green Protein Powered Kit: $44.99
  • Nutrisystem 5 Day Members’ Favorites: $69.98

How Much is Nutrisystem at Costco?

You can’t currently buy Nutrisystem at Costco, but at one point you can get a $50 Nutrisystem gift card if you were a Costco member.

At last check, however, Costco wasn’t currently offering Nutrisystem gift cards.

Cost Summary

As you can see, there are a number of different plans and pricing options when it comes to joining Nutrisystem.

Ultimately you’ll have to decide how much food you want Nutrisystem to send you each month, and which of these plans is the best match for you budget.

Either way, if you’ve been thinking about joining Nutrisystem, there’s a good chance they have a pricing option that will work for you.

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